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The problem is where, no matter if the password is correct or not, dA refuses to let you log in, and keeps telling you it's incorrect. Changing the password appears to do nothing. The first time, I believe it took about a week to resolve itself and I could magically log in again.

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1.>Go to your this location C:\Users\{your user name or ID} 2.> open .npmrc & Remove all content from .npmrc file. 3.>reopen your new command prompt 4.>again run the code , will work. share | improve this answer | follow |

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If you continue to have problems, use our Forgot Your Password? and/or Forgot Your User Name? features. Please try again. Your fingerprint or face unlock was unsuccessful.

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The following could be one of the reasons for the incorrect username. The phone number/email ID entered as the username is wrong. Please retry by entering the correct username. The school has entered a different or a wrong Email/Phone against your details. The school has NOT created the account for the entered username.

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Incorrect username or password entered. Please try again. Click here for the log in page

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Please try again. Please call us to activate your account. Our team is available by phone or email 24 hours a day from 9am Saturday to 11pm Friday (Swiss time).

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I check "Connect again at restart" and don't check "Connect with different credentials" (the check on credentials is indifferent - same behaviour with or without check); I am prompted with authentication window! If I click OK without entering any username, Windows won't let me continue: he WANTS a username AND a password.

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I have a local user and AD users and now I cannot log into the JIRA sandbox and the access log is not giving me any information about why the login failed. Any suggestions about how to increase the logging level or get to root cause since the log file is currently unhelpful

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I will try it out again on the current version, but I should really have asked what version do you guys recommending using on a full FSLogix profile container in a non-persistent environment. I noticed MS saying the vdi version is not for non-persistent environments, but if reading you guys correct, you got this working.

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Application says cannot update as my username and password is incorrect. The application updates on my other PC, I have a 3 machine license. Also, in addition to what FLOOD indicates in the post located above this post, Maybe, instead of a Kaspersky application password, that is a Windows...

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